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Who we are?

oboe is a Digital Media, Business Development Consultancy, that wants to increase your sales and profits, via the Internet. We specialise in SEO, Corporate Video Production, Web Design, Web Hosting and Sales and Marketing training.
We will help you reach more customers, through the internet or via our bespoke sales consultancy. We understand how the internet and search engines work and how we can optimise your return and customer reach – via your website, people, social media and online marketing campaigns.
With over two decades experience in Direct Sales, e-commerce, Marketing and Retail – oboe offers a one-stop solution for expanding your business. So whether you are a new start or an established business, a sole-trader or corporation – as long as you need a customer, you need an oboe.


What we do


SEOSearch Engine Optimisation

A great website isn’t great unless it’s viewed. As a business person, you wouldn’t invest in a new vehicle or machinery and not maintain it? You wouldn’t employ a salesperson without communication or transport and expect a return? Which begs the question, why do most companies neglect their potentially greatest sales tool? After all, this is your only genuine, global communicator. A sales tool that can reach people and markets that may have been inaccessible to your business, or potential customers who never knew of you, your products and services. . . . more SEO

Corporate Video Production


Video MarketingVideo Is The Undisputed, Most Powerful Marketing Tool On The Web. It is the most persuasive medium and facilitates an emotional bond that influences a customers buying decisions. Studies show that over 80% of people say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. oboe Video Marketing provides you, the most effective modern marketing tool, in todays web savvy world. … more Video Marketing


Web Design

Web Designoboe web design is unique. We are primarily, a business development consultancy. This means, we design to sell. This pragmatic approach, starts at the beginning and doesn’t stop. A website should be much more than just an over-produced, all singing and dancing landing page that may scare customers away.oboe believe, you want your site to reflect your business and your company values. You need a website that can-


  • be found quickly, accessed and utilised by as many potential buyers as possible
  • represent what your business does and has achieved
  • be your business face of the internet
  • be relevant to your market and customers
  • demonstrate, you are easy to do business with

In short, you want an online “virtual” Salesperson. Knocking on countless doors, sending a consistent message to people who are looking for a business like you. ..more Web Design

Sales and Marketing Consultancy

Sales TrainingThis experience has been garnered through successful sales, achieved through two economic recessions, as well as periods of prosperity.
Higher Education establishments have now recognised that Sales is a vital skill to succeed in modern markets, however many business’ have staff who have a fear of Sales or may even see Sales as dirty word.

oboe believes these are only out-dated attitudes, and easily rectified and fine-tuned.
Having trained with oboe, asking whether a customer wants to buy or not, is as nerve-wracking as asking if your auntie takes sugar in her tea.
So whether you are looking to refresh a sales team skill set, have your receptionist gather vital marketing questions or encourage your retail staff to increase sales and upselling,
oboe gives a one-stop solution for maximising and optimising your sales, in all areas of your business.


Q. Why oboe? A. Our People

We're unique! With over 20 years experience in Sales, Education, Training, e-Commerce and Digital Media, means your in good hands. oboe understands and can get to the heart of your business.

 Our expertise allows us to approach our business planning, from the viewpoint of a customer encountering your business. Why? Because we are primarily a Business Development company. We are Sales Focussed Professionals with the skills and knowledge to promote your business effectively in a modern 21st Century market. .

oboe is an IT company with a firm grounding in blue-chip sales and marketing. We will tailor you a professional bespoke website, that customers find useful, intuitive and easy to use. .

oboe want customers to feel comfortable with your site, and want to come back for repeat business. What we won't do, is create an expenisve "vanity" project, of bells and whistles that customers do not feel comfortable with. If a customer can't use your site, they'll use another one they can. .

oboe believe "a great website isn't great, unless it's viewed". An  extensive oboe SEO campaign assures you there will be regular, maintenance activity on your site and social and business network. These updates, grow your  Search Engine Rankings, raising your ranking higher in every search engingine result page. This activity will increase your business' visibility and customer flow. Like having a virtual salesperson! 

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