What is SEO and why do it??

SEO 1A great website isn’t great unless it’s viewed.
As a business person, you wouldn’t invest in a new vehicle or machinery and not maintain it? You wouldn’t employ a salesperson without communication or transport and expect a return? Which begs the question, why do most companies neglect their potentially greatest sales tool? After all, this is your only genuine, global communicator. A sales tool that can reach people and markets that may have been inaccessible to your business, or potential customers who never knew of you, your products and services.

Most websites do not stand any chance to be picked up, listed and indexed by search engines. Not because they are all bad sites, but because, they are built, registered and left to their own devices. Crazy! A bad investment. It may be the most beautiful site in the world, but if no-one can find it, it’s money down the drain.

oboe will make your site easy for search engines to work with. We have the knowledge and skills to increase visitors to your site and enable them to use it. Ultimately, increasing Sales and Revenue.

90% of web surfers never look past page 1 of their search results

How do we SEO?

Research – A Day In Your Life SEO 2oboe gets to know your business, fast. Our campaign starts with research and more research- your business, products, services and culture your market your potential / targeted market your competitors current visitor experience on your website This valuable research provides us, the search inquiries which potential customers are making. Utilising this information, we can increase your rankings in search engines, without the cost of advertising. When customers search, are they being pointed towards you or your competitor? Customers need to find you, before they can buy from you. Website analysis will inform us of your customers web experience of you –

      • Is your site User Friendly? Can customers actually use it and navigate with ease
      • Is it professional? Too amatuerish or ugly will not install confidence, however too “cool”, all bells and whistles, may be equally unusable, resulting in a lost prospect.
      • Is it relevant to your market?
      • Is it up to date? Old and out of date “news”,”vacancies” and “events” can give a customer a negative impression of your business.

A good visitor experience will result in sales. oboe can consult, recommend and implement the changes to make your site, professional, easy to use and a valued business tool.


SEO StrategyCampaign Plan

Based on the analytical results from our research,oboe will draw up a plan of attack. Web marketing is a medium term investment, which needs regular and stategic engagement for it to succeed. Regular input is vital for your business to – Have web pages that search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) like and will therefore read and index for you Increase visibility and higher rankings on search engines Link the correct search words customers are using, with your site Obtain placement on the Local search list as well as the Shopping and Product indexes Maximise social networking and Increase other web sites links to yours

oboe SEO

Campaign Reviews, Feedback and Analysis

As SEO is a regular ongoing activity, it is essential that we monitor and feedback performance. Many businesses have started to wake up to the power of the internet as a marketing and sales development tool. With constant innovation and changes in marketing and social trends, a good SEO service can filter back to a client where they are performing, underperforming and potential avenues to exploit. oboe has the resources to provide analytical eveidence on how well campaigns are evolving. It may take a couple of months to start seeing a difference, therefore early campaign analysis, reporting and feedback is essential to be be on the right track from word go.


Q. Why oboe? A. Our People

We're unique! With over 20 years experience in Sales, Education, Training, e-Commerce and Digital Media, means your in good hands. oboe understands and can get to the heart of your business.

 Our expertise allows us to approach our business planning, from the viewpoint of a customer encountering your business. Why? Because we are primarily a Business Development company. We are Sales Focussed Professionals with the skills and knowledge to promote your business effectively in a modern 21st Century market. .

oboe is an IT company with a firm grounding in blue-chip sales and marketing. We will tailor you a professional bespoke website, that customers find useful, intuitive and easy to use. .

oboe want customers to feel comfortable with your site, and want to come back for repeat business. What we won't do, is create an expenisve "vanity" project, of bells and whistles that customers do not feel comfortable with. If a customer can't use your site, they'll use another one they can. .

oboe believe "a great website isn't great, unless it's viewed". An  extensive oboe SEO campaign assures you there will be regular, maintenance activity on your site and social and business network. These updates, grow your  Search Engine Rankings, raising your ranking higher in every search engingine result page. This activity will increase your business' visibility and customer flow. Like having a virtual salesperson! 

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