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Why Choose oboe Web Design?


e-commerce-clear_optoboe web design is unique. We are primarily, a business development consultancy. This means, we design to sell.
This pragmatic approach, starts at the beginning and doesn’t stop. A website should be much more than just an, all singing, dancing, visual phenomenon, landing page that may scare customers away – (however, if it’s all singing dancing you want, well, the customer is always right!)
oboe just feel, you want much more for your buck than that.
oboe believe, you want your site to reflect your business and your company values..

Web DesignYou need a website that can-

be found quickly, accessed and utilised by as many potential buyers as possible
represent what your business does and has achieved
be your business face of the internet
be relevant to your market and customers
demonstrate, you are easy to do business with

In short, you want an online “virtual” Salesperson. Knocking on countless doors, sending a consistent message to people who are looking for a business like you.

Web Design StrategyStrategy and Build

Research, experience and understanding your business, are the foundations of our design plan.
As in the oboe SEO model, this understanding facilitates the Site Brief and Campaign Plan.
Regardless of colour, style and feel, your business decides on, oboe will commit to our design priniples-

  • Professional, current, look you can be proud of
  • Representative, informative and relevant to your business
  • Customer user friendly and easy to do business with
  • Relays your business message coherently

Our design aim, is to have your web site investment reaching as many customers as it can, in the shortest space of time possible.

Reviews, Feedback and Analysis

Web Design SEOAs per our SEO strategy. A website is only as good as the people maintainig it. Once launched oboe, will provide early essential SEO activity, to guarantee your investment is off to to the best possible start. oboe recommend this service through the life of the site …see oboe SEO
remember… 90% of customers never look past page 1 of their search results.
oboe has the resources to provide analytical eveidence on how well new designs, projects and campaigns are evolving.
It may take a couple of months to start seeing a difference, therefore early campaign analysis, reporting and feedback is essential to be be on the right track from word go.
oboe provides this as part of our design service, again differentiating us from the one-off, “build and go” firms.
Delivered with oboe Web Hosting, we facilitate you, to get on with your business, that you do so well, while oboe maintains, updates, promotes and ultimatley increases your business revenues, through the most powerful marketing tool available.

oboe Web Hosting

Web HostingWeb hosting is an oboe service, where we put your website on the Internet for you and take responsibilty for it. In other words, we makes your website available to your customers and prospect customers. Most websites are intended to be viewed by anyone on the Internet, at any time. If you want anyone on the Internet to be able to view your website at any time, you need to make sure your website is running on a computer which is connected to the Internet 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (24/7).
Web Hosting is recommended if you want oboe, to take full control of your website activities, through oboe SEO. Giving you peace of mind that your site is in good hands, maintained and updated regularly.


Q. Why oboe? A. Our People

We're unique! With over 20 years experience in Sales, Education, Training, e-Commerce and Digital Media, means your in good hands. oboe understands and can get to the heart of your business.

 Our expertise allows us to approach our business planning, from the viewpoint of a customer encountering your business. Why? Because we are primarily a Business Development company. We are Sales Focussed Professionals with the skills and knowledge to promote your business effectively in a modern 21st Century market. .

oboe is an IT company with a firm grounding in blue-chip sales and marketing. We will tailor you a professional bespoke website, that customers find useful, intuitive and easy to use. .

oboe want customers to feel comfortable with your site, and want to come back for repeat business. What we won't do, is create an expenisve "vanity" project, of bells and whistles that customers do not feel comfortable with. If a customer can't use your site, they'll use another one they can. .

oboe believe "a great website isn't great, unless it's viewed". An  extensive oboe SEO campaign assures you there will be regular, maintenance activity on your site and social and business network. These updates, grow your  Search Engine Rankings, raising your ranking higher in every search engingine result page. This activity will increase your business' visibility and customer flow. Like having a virtual salesperson! 

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